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Raising Worldwide Awareness for Mental Health and LGBTQ

MisterAwareness was started in the idea of literally “Spreading The Word”. We are here to encourage the new upcoming generations and the elderly that equality is for everyone whether you are; White, Black, LGBTQ, Have Mental Health Illnesses/Issues, Tall, Short, Male, Female, Different Ethnicity, Have an Accent, Speech Impediment, and Any Disability. These are characteristics that make you unique and who you are. These are what separate us from Man and Beast. So don’t be a beast and hate on man. Join the changing evolution of Mental Health, LGBTQ, and Equality all around you. You joining and supporting means less; Discrimination, Negativity, Self Harm, Suicide, and Murder.

The world has seen enough hatred and war. Let’s end this today and create a new tomorrow for our Children.