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Sexual Intercourse
Typically, when people say sexual intercourse they mean when a penis is inserted into a vagina. But sexual intercourse can mean other kinds of intercourse too, like oral or anal intercourse between two men, two women or a man and a woman.

A sexual position for oral sex that involves both partners giving and receiving oral sex simultaneously. Usually involves lying side-to-side or on top of each other head-to-toe.

Slang term for a brief, fast act of intercourse.

A person who is not a minor according to state law. The age of an adult varies state to state. In most states, you are an adult if you are 18 years of age or older.

Anal Intercourse
A sexual behavior where a penis or object is inserted into someone’s anus for sexual pleasure.

A sexual behavior where a person’s mouth and/or tongue is used to stimulate a partner’s anus. This is also known as rimming.

The physiological changes that occur as a result of sexual excitement. These include an erection, vaginal lubrication and an increased sense of sexual arousal.

A slang term for sex. It can also be used to describe attractiveness, as in, “That guy has a bangin’ body!”

A slang term for having sex.

Beating the bishop
A slang term for male masturbation.

Blow Job
A slang term for oral sex on a male. Also called “giving head” or “dome”.

Bust a Nut
A slang term for when a male ejaculates.

The decision not to engage in sexual behaviors, whether in the current time or in the future. This is used most commonly to refer to religious vows, such as those taken by a nun or a priest.

Chicken Head
A derogatory term for a girl that “frequently” performs oral sex on a male.

A behavior that both people agree to. In order for any sexual behavior to be consensual, each person must fully understand the situation and have the capacity to consent. “Consensual sex” means that no one was forced or manipulated into sexual behavior. If someone consents to one specific sexual behavior it does not mean that they have consented to all sexual behaviors.

When a person agrees to a certain action or behavior. A person, in order to consent, must have the capacity to consent, which means they are not mentally disabled, under the influence of drugs or alcohol and are of legal age to be able to consent.

A sexual behavior where oral sex is performed on a female, usually by licking or sucking a female’s clitoris or vulva.

Cyber Sex
A sexually-charged interaction that takes place via computer. They can occur in chat rooms, through email or on social networking sites.

Doggie Style
A sexual position that has one partner on hands and knees and the other behind them.

Double Bagging
Using two condoms, at the same time, instead of one. Using two condoms does not pose any risk for the condoms breaking, but it is also unnecessary because it doesn’t offer any extra protection.

Dry Sex
A sexual behavior that encompasses going through the motions of sex (rubbing fully or partially-clothed bodies, especially genitals) against each other.

Eating Out
A slang term for performing oral sex on a girl or woman.

The clinical term for oral sex on a male.

All of the sexual activities that people might do to get each other sexually aroused either before or instead of intercourse.

French kissing
An open-mouthed kiss in which one or both people use their tongues to play with the other’s tongue and lips. Many people enjoy French kissing, and many do not. Although most STDs are not passed through French kissing, it is possible to transmit or contract herpes during French kissing.

Getting Wet
When a girl or woman becomes sexually aroused, her vagina becomes lubricated or wet.

The rubbing of the hips, buttocks or genitals against the genitals of a partner, sometimes when dancing or as part of foreplay or dry sex.

Group Sex
When more than two people are having sex with each other at the same time.

Hand Job
A slang term for manual stimulation of another person’s genitals. It usually refers to touching and stimulating a person’s penis.

Hooking Up
A slang expression that can mean different things to different people. Generally refers to when two people are sexual with one another—kissing, touching or having sexual intercourse.

The rubbing of hips and genitals against another person or object for pleasure. If one or both people are wearing clothes, it is called “dry humping,” which carries no risk for pregnancy or STDs.

Relating to or appealing to more uncommon or atypical types of sexual behaviors.

A term that refers to someone’s sex drive or the amount or frequency of sex they would like to have.

A strong feeling of sexual attraction and desire towards another person.

Married Minor
A legal status that is different from being a minor. It is more like having the rights and responsibilities of an adult. The laws vary state to state, but generally you are a married minor if you are under 18 and you are legally married.

Menage a Trois
A French expression that refers to three people having sex together at the same time.

A slang term which refers to sexual touching, kissing, cuddling and, sometimes, intercourse.

Mutual Masturbation
When partners either touch their own genitals while they are together, or touch each others’ genitals at the same time for sexual pleasure.

A strong pleasurable sensation that can occur at the climax of sexual excitement.

A sexual encounter involving many people engaging in sexual behaviors at the same time. It is also called group sex.

Rim job
Contact between one person’s mouth and another person’s anus.

Sex Toy

Any device, such as a dildo or vibrator, that is created and used for sexual pleasure. They are usually only available for purchase by people ages 18 and older.

Sexual behaviors that do not involve the insertion of fingers, a penis, a tongue or sex toys into the mouth, anus or vagina of another person. This can include kissing and other kinds of sexual touching.

Popping the Cherry
Refers to the first time a girl or woman has vaginal intercourse with a male partner and her hymen breaks, which can result in some bleeding. However, sometimes the hymen can break from activities that have nothing to do with sex. For example, the hymen can break if a girl uses tampons, plays certain sports, goes horseback riding or rides a bicycle. Hymens come in all different shapes, and some girls are born without them.

Different ways that people put their bodies together during sexual activity. Examples include the missionary position or “doggie style” for vaginal sex or “69” for shared oral sex.

Also known as pre-ejaculate, a small amount of fluid that is made in the Cowper’s gland and that comes out of the tip of the penis shortly after a boy or man gets an erection. It is designed to clean the urethra of urine and coat the walls to increase the chances of sperm surviving once they are ejaculated. Some males always have sperm in their pre-cum and others never do. Any sperm that is found in pre-cum is not likely to cause pregnancy. Pre-cum can transmit a sexually transmitted disease.

Putting Out
A derogatory slang expression that refers to someone (usually a girl) who is willing to have sex with a partner. “She put out.”

Shooting blanks
A slang term for when there is no sperm in semen.

Premature Ejaculation
When a boy or man ejaculates shortly after his penis becomes erect and with little or no sexual stimulation. This is a very common occurrence that happens less frequently as a boy or man gets older. Although many boys and men feel shame when this happens, there is nothing to be ashamed of; nearly every man will experience this at some point in his life. If it continues, he should speak with his doctor or clinician to see whether there is a medical reason behind the premature ejaculation.

The Bases
A slang expression that uses baseball to describe how far two people have gone sexually. Typically, first base refers to kissing, second based refers to touching above the waist, sloppy second refers to touching above the waist with the mouth, third base refers to touching each other’s genitals or oral sex and fourth base or a home run refers to vaginal sex. Depending on where a person lives, the bases may be defined differently from that.

Vaginal Intercourse
When a penis, sex toy or dildo is inserted into a vagina.

While there is no medical definition, it often means a person who has never had sexual intercourse. How sexual intercourse is defined is up to each individual.