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Over the course of the week, people and groups put on events to raise awareness and combat the stigma associated with mental health conditions. Here are some of your Ideas for you.



A great idea is gather around and simply have some snacks, and chatting, and acoustic music. Sing songs related to Mental Health, Inspiring Music, and Calm Music.

Antonina Bickerton, chair of the network, said the day was about improving “the acceptance and understanding of people at work who have enduring mental health conditions”.

Photograph: Suffolk county council




Here bring people together for a “lunch and chatter” anywhere in a wide open space. You can have laughter fitness therapy session. Simply do silly fitness actions such as; Jumping Jacks, Clapping Push Ups, and anything simple and fun. Wave your arms around and wiggle that stigma out of you. Shake off that stress. You can add anything you want to it. Play some cool hip hop music.

Photograph: Changing Minds





Here arrange some activities including coffee mornings, creative writing, music, and smoothie making, with stands providing information on how to manage stress and anxiety. You can make this anything you want it to be. Just create a safe place for the beginning of the day to unwind and starts the day in a relaxed calming environment. People go crazy for this.

Photograph: North Staffordshire CH



There are so many ideas. Below are a list of numerous ideas and events.

• Organise forum/workshop/guest speaker.
Beneficial topics include;
– Time Management
– Financial Budgeting
– Assertive Training
– Goal Setting
– Communication Skills
– Stress Test
• Breakfast/morning tea/lunch with a
• Family fun day/quiz night.
• Create a paper tree – Each leaf represents
a thought, idea issue concerning mental
health or names of people known who
have been affected.
• Set up information displays.
• Professional development workshops.
• Mental health awareness and education
weekend workshops.

• Lifestyle issues/seminars.
• A free dress-style – No uniforms, express
yourself in colour…
• Provide massage, reflexology,
aromatherapy, reiki treatments.
• Lunchtime activities to recharge – Walk in
local park, team picnic lunch.
• Remember the importance of humour
and laughter – Attend a laughter
• Go fly a kite.
• Group walks/cycles.
• Furry friends day – Walk in the park, on
the beach, around the block, throw a ball,
cuddle on the lounge, spend 15 minutes
grooming your furry friend.
• Arrange a group of friends to attend a
yoga class together.
• Set up a blank canvas where community
members can paint a part to complete a
community painting. Show case the
masterpiece in a common community
• Hand painting – Set up trays of various
colours of paint for community members
to imprint their hand/s onto the blank
• Community puzzle – Set up a jigsaw to be
completed by community members in a
library or other public place.
• Set up a dance class – Various multi
cultural dances.
• Set up a cooking workshop – Could be any
cuisines or a mixture of cuisines or meals.
• Set up a multicultural fair to celebrate our
• Set up a community garden – All involved
in the community garden to contribute a
plant or garden novelty piece.
• Volunteer in a charity that interests you.
• ‘Drumming workshop’ or ‘musical
workshop’ to encourage the community
to release their musical talents.
• Family feel good day – Sport, BBQ, arts
and craft activities for the community in
their local park, painting, bouncy castles,
abseiling, music…

• Creative writing workshops, competitions.
• Art Exhibition – Show case your creative
• Decoupage a car with mental health
• Movie fundraiser – Getting relevant film or
video shown at cinema (Astor or Luna) –
Shine, Dialogue with Mad Women, Cosi, A
Beautiful Mind.
• Music, dance, drama – Relate stories about
a range of mental health issues that show
how it can affect anyone at any time of life.
• Concerts/festivals/street theatre.
• School art day – Creating things, face
• Cross-cultural mental health activities
between community groups.
• Community story board – Set up a mural
wall where pedestrians can draw, paint,
write their story, write inspiring quotes
(anonymous if desired).
• Dress up days/Themed days – Dress in 70’s
fashion day etc.
• Multicultural music concert.

• Adventure skills day – abseiling, obstacle
trust games, rock climbing, hike the
Bibbulmun Track or other bush tracks.
• Go for a walk.
• Join or create a walking or running group.
• Walk a dog.
• Walk or cycle instead of driving.
• Have a sports/recreation day.
• Join a sports team.
• Learn circus skills.
• Blow giant bubbles.
• Try something new: dancing, yoga,
surfing, martial arts or rock climbing.
• Tai Chi, Yoga and other ‘Stress Less’
activities in the workplace.