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My Story is about you, “The Public”. This section “My Story” is about you. This is your chance to share your life story in such a way that protects you but still gets the message across. People that are struggling or just simply confused will have the chance to hear from others going through similar situations. They can learn and see that even when times are rough that it does get better and that people are there for when they wish to reach out for help.

Here will be short bios and further information of the stories posted. Some may have contact info so you can personally contact the person. We ask that you respect the people and do not; spam, harass, and bully. This is your chance to talk to these people and get the information you need or the questions and support. These people require the utmost respect for what they are doing. We have so much to learn and having these people reach out to educate us is a true honor. We can’t learn these things without them.

Jamie Raines, 21.

Student and YouTube star, was about to turn 18 when he first started taking testosterone, the hormone that helps transgender men masculinise their appearance, voice, and body. Here he is on that first day, holding the medication. He decided to document his transition by taking a selfie every day. “I initially intended to just do it for the first year,” he told BuzzFeed News. “But then I didn’t get any facial hair in my first year.” Initially, changes to Raines’ face were subtle. But in the second year, he started noticing more and more changes. “My face started to get longer and I lost the chubby cheeks,” he said. Raines noticed that his nose changed too. And then, after two years on testosterone, facial hair began to appear. “I was waiting for it once I first started getting a couple of chin hairs,” he said. “It was really exciting.” The facial hair kept growing… …and growing…. until, after more than three years of testosterone, Raines had a full, proud beard. This is his most recent picture (complete with socks drying in the background). And this shows the testosterone journey in two pictures in which he’s wearing the exact same outfit. Raines turned the 1,400 photos into a short film that caught the attention of a TV producer who included Raines in a new documentary for Channel 4 about transgender men.