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Welcome to MisterAwareness,

MisterAwareness was launched June 25, 2015.

This site is brought to us in the interest of Mental Health & LGBTQ Awareness. Our goal is to raise awareness worldwide. MisterAwareness is a non-profit group and hopefully to become an organization. We require no payment of any kind and not financially operated. We are operated through the donated time of the creators and all of you. MA is a faceless group. We want you to focus on the content and ideas and not the persons running MA. In this case Peter Matters known as I will be your host and narrator of MisterAwareness. MA can only exist if you donate your time to share your stories and advice as well as resources. We depend on you as a community to tell us what you want to see and learn. You must give us links and videos to share and to teach people with. MA is a free resource site group for you. So please tell us what you wish to see and learn. Share with us whatever you please and we will ensure confidential communication. All communication such as; Email, Facebook, and web communication is strictly confidential.  I hope to hear from you soon!

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