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MisterAwareness is brought to you through the donated time of people. People can donate their time to work on the site or collect information to be posted. Parents can suggest content they wish to learn more about by emailing us under “Resources”. Same goes for teachers. We welcome everyone to openly ask for materials.

For the people interested in donating time and working with us, we need you to contact us under “Donations”. If you’d like to work on the site or just gather information to be added, that be fantastic. You can also donate time by simply spreading the word. You can donate old textbooks with Mental Health and any other sources yo’d feel we’d benefit from having. We will take anything that will help us educate the public.


For physical donations. Feel free by emailing “Donations”, just state your name and what you wish to donate. You can also be anonymous. MisterAwareness has no official office or location. By the free operations, we are run through the people who specifically run MisterAwareness and those who just donate time to work. People work through their home on the computer or by the area they may work in. One day we hope to have an actual office in some education building. Till that time comes, we will continue with the locations people work from or live.

Donations Drop Off. For these donation of used textbooks or equipment such as computers or any other items useful for the continuing work of MisterAwareness. You can contact the top leading creators with “Donations” and a permanent MA operator will get back to you with specific details.

We are always happy to take the help of people who want to help SPREAD THE WORD!

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