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MisterAwareness is brought to us by Dr. Matters (Nislow).

Dr. Matters is a retired Professor of the University of British Columbia. He specializes in Mental Health and LGBTQ/Sexuality. Dr. Matters has PhDs in Sociology, Psychology, Sexuality, and Genetics. He is currently working on another in Geology.

Dr. Matters lives in Downtown Vancouver with his Wife and Son. His Son is now in the Study of Sociology and Psychology. His wife is a Professor in Geology.

Dr. Matters is a free spirit that thrives on world peace and equality. He spends his free time working with schools/universities educating people about his studies. He enjoys playing in a live band with his group of buddies. He plays multiple instruments and sings. He enjoys long distance marathons.

For the work of MisterAwareness he has decided to go by the name Peter Matters.

“I may drive the first Generation Smart Car but I live in the future where everyone is equal and “White and Black” and “LGBTQ” isn’t even identified”

~Dr. Peter Matters