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Our Message,

Welcome to MisterAwareness,

MisterAwareness was launched June 25, 2015

This site is brought to us in the interest of Mental Health & LGBTQ Awareness. Our goal is to raise awareness worldwide. Not just for Mental health, it’s not the only stigma in the world. We have problems, such as identifying with the LGBTQ and understanding the stigma. Yes it has gotten better but we still have too many people scared and unsure about coming out. We also have a huge stigma about mental Health. There are many types of Mental Health. We want you to learn about it all. We want the new upcoming generations to understand the problems and to know that no matter what race, color, sexuality or even what mental issue you may have, We are all people and must work together and love another.

Here you will learn about MisterAwareness and what our goals are.

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