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MisterAwareness is about you, “The Public”. As you have read in the about us section, you learned that everything is up to you. You choose the content, you choose the stories and you can be as involved as you wish. This section “My Story” is about you. This is your chance to share your life story in such a way that protects you but still gets the message across. People that are struggling or just simply confused will have the chance to hear from others going through similar situations. They can learn and see that even when times are rough that it does get better and that people are there for when they wish to reach out for help.

Here at MisterAwareness. We want the people who feel comfortable with sharing their story to contact us. We need your story to connect with people all over to tell them that they are not alone. Your story can be about anything. You can talk about bulling, mental health situations, LGBTQ experiences, and maybe even about someone you know going through this. We will ensure your privacy such as your name and identity if you wish to be private. If you want your identity known and wish for people to be able to contact you about questions, we can set that up. It’s up to you. We hope to hear from you soon.